Subject Verb Agreement Exercises with Answers for Class 7

Subject-verb agreement exercises are important for students in class 7 to understand the basic rules of grammar. By practicing these exercises, students can improve their communication skills, enhance their knowledge of language, and develop their writing skills. In this article, we will provide some subject-verb agreement exercises with answers that will help students to increase their proficiency in English.

Exercise 1: Choose the right verb form for the given subject in the following sentences.

1. The girls ____ (play/plays) soccer after school.

Answer: play

2. The dog ____ (barks/bark) at strangers.

Answer: barks

3. The book on the shelf ____ (is/are) mine.

Answer: is

4. The flowers in the vase ____ (smells/smell) so sweet.

Answer: smell

5. Alice, along with her friends, ____ (is/are) planning a trip to the beach.

Answer: is

Exercise 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form for the given subject.

1. Every student in the class ____ (has/have) a pencil.

Answer: has

2. The committee ____ (meets/meet) every Monday.

Answer: meets

3. The cats in the yard ____ (play/plays) with a ball of yarn.

Answer: play

4. My mom and dad ____ (have/has) decided to go on vacation.

Answer: have

5. A pair of shoes ____ (is/are) missing from the closet.

Answer: is

Exercise 3: Identify the correct verb form in the given sentence.

1. The boy, along with his friends, (play/plays) soccer.

Answer: plays

2. The novels on the bookshelf (is/are) all mysteries.

Answer: are

3. The choir, as well as the band, (perform/performs) at the school concert.

Answer: performs

4. Neither the teacher nor the students (has/have) seen the movie.

Answer: has

5. The team of doctors (works/work) diligently to provide the best care for their patients.

Answer: works

By practicing these subject-verb agreement exercises with answers, students can enhance their knowledge of English grammar and improve their writing skills. It is important for students to pay attention to the subject and verb agreement to ensure that their sentences are grammatically correct and easy to understand.